Appreciation Night

I spent most of my Sunday on teakhound-related tasks namely walking the dogs, further sanding my chairs, and reading blogs. It was a pretty great Sunday if you ask me! Below is a little peek at my progress; it’s coming along!

At first I was unsure what my post this evening would involve, but then I thought Sundays would be a great opportunity to recognize a loyal follower and/or any influential blogs of which we are regular readers. So here we begin our first weekly blog series: Appreciation Night!

We at the ‘hound have never met Stacey from a Goode house but she has become a loyal follower of our blog. More importantly she is quite the conversationalist and has contributed helpful guidance to our projects in the short time that we have been online. We absolutely recommend that you check out her blog. We are so thankful for Stacey!

Here is one of our favorite pics from her post about Russel Wright ceramics. She has quite the collection, not to mention an AMAZING Goode house!

4 thoughts on “Appreciation Night

  1. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the “shout out”. I’m a chatter box, I admit. But there’s nothing more exciting than meeting people who are doing wonderful things.
    I can’t help it! HA HA! Love your blog and wish you all the best. It’s a pleasure to follow you.

  2. Hi! Kate here. Not sure if you knew that we have a massive collection of Russel Wright at the Palmer House ( It is all grey which makes it not as fun, but is so beautiful!

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